the denialist

perusing huffington post, i found this article which addressed a question many have had for a while now: why is it that americans seem to ignore climate change? is it pride? is it laziness? this article briefly discussed the influencing factors of americans' opinions on climate change.

i think it is important to realize that this debate has indeed become more polarized in spite of increasingly undeniable evidence of climate change. i think one aspect that is unique to america is the (over) quality of life that we are used to. we are accustomed to instant gratification (for the most part) and able to get almost whatever we need almost whenever we want it. 

this environment also plays into the attitude of what we ignore can't hurt us. i don't believe that this is an intentional or conscious decision, but more of an internal submission. this american climate denial has been called an "allergy."unfortunately, climate denial has been incorporated into the conservative movement, enabling many to support the notion without even assessing the evidence first. the fact that it has morphed into solely a political platform rather than a global issue has only hurt its chances of being accepted as truth. 


  1. Such an interesting topic. It seemed like everyone was talking about climate change after An Inconvenient Truth, but everyone's forgotten about it now for some reason.


  2. i agree, it really needs to be at the forefront of our minds again.