putting the 'con' in conagra

here's an article i found via eco-gems. it is about the anti-GMO lawsuit recently filed against conagra for labeling foods as "natural" or "organic" in spite of the fact that they contain multiple GMOs.

at this point, the simple fact of knowing that a company will tell you their product is "natural" despite what it actually contains is not enough to expose the deceit exercised here. as of now, the only products that require any sort of labeling regulation are meat and poultry.

this would be an interesting way to begin changing the food industry as a whole--with various labeling policies. as far as i can tell, the food industry entails taking any measure to ensure that people will still buy your product even though you've skimped on quality in order to increase production and decrease various costs.

as long as companies are allowed blatantly lie to their customer base, the customer will lose, in more ways than one. i know that sounds basic and probably oversimplified. i think companies should at least be required to say whether or not their products contain GMOs. the real issue is that these companies have enough monetary power and influence to heavily affect the actual processes that make certain laws and regulations.

“ If they have to put the word ‘natural’ on a box to convince you, it probably isn’t.“
- Eric Schlosser, author, FAST FOOD NATION

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