back to the start

don't know if y'all have seen chipotle's latest creative endeavor, but i do know that i'll gladly support any conglomeration of pedal steel guitar, burritos, sustainability, and willie nelson

this animated short film provides an interesting and quite relevant commentary. the work brings up the notion of going "back to the start" via sustainable farming as well as other practices i.e. supporting local business and utilizing resources wisely. as a corporation, chipotle is one that is (as far as corporations go) pretty great at advocating for sustainable living.

interestingly and slightly unrelated, though, i stumbled upon this story recently about the discovery that their pinto beans are cooked with bacon, and this fact is not broadcast. this poses a problem for vegetarian, vegan and religious folk alike. i'm not exactly sure whether or not i have any particular feelings toward the "issue," other than i think companies should practice honest advertising (honesty in general?) as much as possible (is there even such a thing as honest advertising?).

either way, i support chipotle's choice to bring awareness to the importance of sustainable practices, even if they have failed in the past to bring awareness to the bacon-y secret to delicious pinto beans.


  1. Cool video! Recognize the song? or the singer?

  2. indeed, that's willie nelson covering coldplay's "the scientist"...good choice on both counts