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thursday afternoon i was one of the many attendees of ut's make orange green kickoff. the event featured many local and national companies, organizations, and programs that are working harder to promote sustainability and put those ideas into practice.

i mostly explored the farmer's markets, ut bike store, and the free ice cream (how could i resist?). but it was encouraging to see that ut is so serious about making changes and implementing programs in order to become a more sustainable campus. it was important as well as meaningful to have the chancellor speak at an event like this as well.

there were fully electric vehicles on display from various manufacturers such as mitsubishi, nissan, and chevrolet. i really liked seeing the mix of local businesses side by side with major companies and governmental programs such as tva and kat.

here are some shots from the market square farmer's market simply because i love the farmer's market. i think there's something really important about relying on local resources for sustenance, and supporting them appropriately. i haven't been yet, but i am very excited about the ut farmer's market, every wednesday from 4-7 pm in the ut gardens, until october 26.

overall i felt the event was a successful step in the right direction for ut's sustainability as a campus as it was well-organized, very informative, and convenient for many of ut's students.

and let's be real. that cruze ice cream is so good. i hope you guys got some.

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