haven on earth

i was recently enlightened about the earthaven ecovillage outside asheville, nc. formed in 1995, the community strives to achieve an entirely sustainable and holistic existence.

the ecovillage is fairly controversial, however, even within its borders. practices of sustainability can venture one of two ways: a reversion to a simpler way of life, or an embrace of progressing technology in sustainable living. Even though many members of earthaven disagree on the best way to put sustainability into practice, the community manages to function"off the grid"with self-sustaining power, water, and sewer systems. They are connected to the outside world via telephone.

earthaven holds classes as well as other events to educate the general public on the feasibility of sustainable living, to bring in revenue, and also for entertainment and enjoyment.

my initial reactions from reading about earthaven were positive, but i realized that in comparison to the level of comfort most people, particularly in the US experience daily, the earthaven way of life would be considered an utterly radical change, and utilizing technology in order to find more "socially plausible" ways to integrate sustainable living would not only be a positive use of time, but could also potentially be easier to adapt to for large groups of people.

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  1. The structure in the first image was built by hand and is really amazing. There is also a nice campground area there. Nice overview!