common threads initiative

i don't have a lot of money to spend, but i like to make sure that the items i do purchase are good quality. sometimes this means i can afford a jacket or pair of gloves from patagonia. what i like about patagonia is their honesty in regards to what it means to be sustainable. in their latest sustainable endeavor, they encourage their customers to reevaluate the things they think they need.
the common threads initiative urges consumers to think more deeply about their needs and weighing those against their environmental impact. it is highly important to take into account how much we produce and how necessary this is. i couldn't agree more. oftentimes i find that consumerism manages to be the root of many problems in our society. at the very least, we need to consider what we truly need and realize the impact (according to this video, we are currently using the resources of one and a half planets) of living beyond our means even if we technically can afford it financially.

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