michael pollan on the colbert report

a great colbert episode was topped off with a great interview with michael pollan, who wrote the omnivore's dilemma and also appeared in such documentaries as king corn and food, inc.


the interview was essentially to promote and discuss pollan's latest book food rules: an eater's manual that was published in 2009 and has recently been illustrated by maira kalman and edited to include new 'food rules' as well as a new introduction. i think it's really interesting that a lot of these food issues are directly health related (however obvious that sounds) but we still manage to justify eating it. this interview was very entertaining ("wow, that is a slam on the apple industry...") as well as informative (false advertising, cutting through bullshit, the idea of taxing soda). hope you enjoyed it. below are a few different food rules set to illustration's from pollan's book.

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