forks over knives

in the realm of eco-cinema, one film that has been brought to my attention is "forks over knives" which is essentially a commentary on the western diet of today. here's the trailer.

the ideology of the film stems from the rejection of animal-based and processed foods. and personally, i love eating meat. but it is undeniable the negative effects that the "american" diet has produced for us and our society. this film takes a look at the possibility of a radical diet change in relation to disease in the united states. 

i like the idea of taking a more holistic approach to health as opposed to continuing the use of medication to temporarily remedy various health problems (which no doubt have been caused by improper nutrition, which is sadly not linked to a lack of food but to a lack of healthy food). it's going to take some drastic changes in the western diet in order to reverse the effects we've brought upon ourselves, but it is more than worthwhile to examine the root of america's health costs and problems in an attempt to start living more sustainable and healthier lives.

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  1. Eating green stuff is good for our health and for the environment! I'll definitely be checking out this movie!